June 2019: NEXT STEPS


At long last an update from myself! I’m thrilled to announce that, since February of this year, I will be an associate composer with record label and new music org. NonClassical ! I will be appearing on one of their label releases, curating one of their events, and writing a few commissions for associated ensembles. Look out for more news.

Also, I’m pleased to announce that I’m the recipient of this year’s George Butterworth Prize for 2018’s Spirit Level! Have a watch below of the interview I did with Sound and Music, who awarded the prize.






September’s SPIRIT LEVEL was a success by all accounts: there was a 50 strong audience to witness the spectacle, followed by a well-attended, constructive feedback session. You can view the full performance on the ‘videos’ page.

Spirit-Level-AGW-63 copy

I flew to CHICAGO!!! to hear Carl Alexander and cohorts from the Voice(ed) project perform my piece ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ for voice, harp, marimba and percussion. It was an absolute pleasure to meet everyone involved and hear the piece performed, and even better to hear all the positive comments!


Last but most certainly not least My piece ‘Continuo’ got played on BBC Radio 3!



I’m very happy to announce this exciting new collaboration with choreographer Si Rawlinson! You can book tickets here: https://www.hackneyshowroom.com/blasio-kavuma-spirit-level/

Here’s a link to the facebook event, which has a little more info: https://bit.ly/2LBHAGq

Spirit_Level_A3_CMYK (1)